Partners For Good

Partners for Good (PfG) is a Jordanian non-profit organization seeking a viable way to implement the learning and methodologies that have been cumulated through successful programs over the past 20 years in child protection, youth empowerment, good governance and workforce development.

7th Circle, Al-Hashim Complex, 3rd floor,
Masoud Bin Nasser St.,
P.O. Box: 850080, Postal Code: 11185,
Amman, Jordan.

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The Best Workplace for Women (Ongoing)


The Why

Although Jordan is home to the highest rates of female education in the Arab World, at 25% female unemployment Jordanian women also have the lowest rates of economic participation in the Arab World. To address this issue, Partners for Good is launching the Jordanian edition of Best Workplaces for Women. This ranking system is designed to recognize, certify and rank accordingly the workplaces which offer a safe, welcoming and comfortable work environment for females. To implement the program, Partners for Good have signed a partnership agreement with the original Great Place to Work organization to employ their advanced solutions and tools which came as a result of more than 30 years of experience in the field in 62 countries, across 5 continents around the globe.

This paradigm ranking system came out of focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders to assess obstacles deterring women from economic participation. In the Jordanian sphere, being able to enhance women’s participation in the labor market will increase their economic contribution as well as help to reduce the economic loss from not investing in the employability of women in Jordan.

The How

The development efforts for creating this ranking system will survey employees electronically, then submitted surveys will be analyzed, and after that eligible companies will be certified and recognized as The Best Workplace for Women in Jordan. This ranking system will occur annually in order to encourage the continuous development and improvements of Jordanian working places for women. This will create a competitive environment for businesses, as well as upgrade and improve their standards to promote female employment, given that Jordan has one of the lowest female employment participation rates in the world.

Our Hopes for the Future

The Best Workplace for Women ranking system hopes to help improve women’s productive efficiency and highlight their skills and abilities which can be achieved by offering a safe workplace that values their contributions. Helping women achieve this will hopefully have positive ripple effects throughout Jordanian society.

Becoming Best Place to Work Certified

  • Send us a letter of interest to participate in the programme at
  • Meeting the outlined criteria
  • Completing table of demographic statement
  • Survey your employees
  • GPTW Analyse Your Results in order to be placed in one of three categories:
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze
  • Get certified on both a national and international level
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Showcasing your certification!
  • Tailored development plan and culture consulting service throughout the journey.