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Partners for Good (PfG) is a Jordanian non-profit organization seeking a viable way to implement the learning and methodologies that have been cumulated through successful programs over the past 20 years in child protection, youth empowerment, good governance and workforce development.

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Municipal Local Development Units Training on Procedures Manual for Preparing the Need Guide and Development Plan for Municipalities – USAID CITIES I


Duration: February 2018 – May 2018
Funded by: USAID – Contract to Chemonics International

Jordan embarked on its first decentralization activity in 2017 which ushered, for the first time, the need to develop plans and priority at the governorate levels. However, Local Development Units required technical and financial support to help develop an inclusive, reliable and timely process for setting governorate’s needs. Partners for Good supported the development of a procedural manual covering sequential procedures and practical tools to enable all municipalities to prepare and implement its developmental plans within the same governorate. Through this sub-contract, USAID CITIES contracted Entiqal “Partners for Good” to train the staff of the 99 Municipalities Local Development Units staff on the Procedural Manual.

PfG’s key achievements include:

  • MLDUs’ staff are able to use the procedures manual to draft local development plans post of the training, identify and prioritize local needs.
  • LDUs are empowered with regards to their role in local development, planning and accountability as mentioned in the procedure’s manual for municipal needs guide and development plan preparation while supporting decentralization implementation.
  • LDUs are equipped with the necessary tools to enhance participatory planning approaches by placing local communities at the center of the planning and development process.

PfG’s key deliverables included:

Training material and plan; which includes trainers’ manual and training material for trainee that were approved by MOMA 7 training workshops for MLDUs of municipalities implemented 195 participants from 93 MLDUs were trained on developed needs lists 93 municipalities were targeted A pool of 25 trainers was create.

In implementing this subcontract, PfG realized that the decentralization process is a growing and continuously developing one, and has for this purpose collected feedback, lessons learned and areas which require multi-stakeholder involvement in development.