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Partners for Good (PfG) is a Jordanian non-profit organization seeking a viable way to implement the learning and methodologies that have been cumulated through successful programs over the past 20 years in child protection, youth empowerment, good governance and workforce development.

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Revised Procedures Manual – USAID Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative and Effective Solutions CITIES II


Duration: February 2019 – June 2019
Funded by: USAID – Subcontractor to Chemonics International

In pursuit of its mission to empower individuals and communities to be partners in building a better, sustainable and thriving reality and future, PfG completed a subcontract for Chemonics Inc. under their current USAID CITIES program. Under the subcontract, PfG assisted 100 Municipal Local Development Un its (MLDUs) in addition to the Petra Authority, through:

  1. Providing direct technical assistance, support and guidance towards carrying out MLDUs’ duties under the decentralization mandate.
  1. Implementing the “Needs List Manual”.

PfG supported MLDUs through training 2 staff members at each Unit (202 in total) to plan and hold local “Community Consultation Sessions.” Following this, the PfG team provided the

necessary support to assist municipalities in refining, finalizing and submitting all Needs Lists as collected from the sessions. CITIES 2 succeeded the first subcontract and integrated lessons learned and new approaches from the knowledge PfG and CITIES garnered in 2018.

These enhancements included initiating the project through collecting data on the ‘government eligibility’ criteria used to approve local, municipal and service projects. These criteria were adopted to provide an objective, guiding framework to help local communities as they identified their needs for all sectors. PfG introduced an objective mechanism to substitute for any gaps in project eligibility criteria. This step rendered findings pertaining to areas for further development and institutionalization to assist governmental entities in systematic local development planning systems and criteria.

PfG team coordinated rigorously in the planning, execution and closing phases of the subcontract with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MOMA)*, all 100 municipalities of Jordan and Governorate Local Development Directorates (GLDDs), and the office of HE Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz.

Outcomes of including a more objective framework for identifying community needs resulted in attaining:

  • A 48% reduction in the number of project needs compared with the 2018 Needs Lists.
  • A higher presence of ‘development and investment’ projects and lists which were concluded

by over 4,144 nationals representing civil society organizations, women, youth and community leader actors amongst central and local government actors throughout the Kingdom in 101 Community Sessions held during May of 2019.