Partners For Good

Partners for Good (PfG) is a Jordanian non-profit organization seeking a viable way to implement the learning and methodologies that have been cumulated through successful programs over the past 20 years in child protection, youth empowerment, good governance and workforce development.

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USAID YouthPower Jordan

Youthpower Jordan

Duration: April 2017 – November 2021
Funded by: USAID – Subcontractor to Global Communities

USAID Youth Power works with vulnerable youth between the ages of 10 and 29 in 60 communities in all 12 governorates of Jordan. Targeted beneficiary groups of the project were selected based on the following criteria:
A. School dropout rate equal to or higher than 40%

  1. Extreme poverty as defined by 25% or more of the population living below the poverty line
  2. High concentration of Syrian refugees as identified by UNHCR
  3. Youth with disabilities

The purpose of USAID Youth Power is to improve opportunities, well­being and civic

engagement for youth by strengthening, establishing and increasing access to the local

systems and programs that serve youth.

In order to reach these populations, Youth Power organizes community outreach and youth

engagement activities. The objective of those activities is to establish local partnerships with

government entities and civil society, understand the local contexts of the target

communities, profile community resources, and recruit youth as volunteers and participants to join the program. The program engages participant youth through three main components.

  • Transformational Learning
  • Community Mapping
  • Youth-Community Engagement Activities

USAID Youth Power is implemented by Global Communities, the Kaizen Company, Partners for Good (PFG), and the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD).

Partnerships at the national and local levels with governmental entities such as the Ministry of Youth, municipalities, local communities and non-governmental organizations, currently under development, are also key to implementation of Youth Power activities and sustainability. As a local NGO with a heritage of longstanding development work, PfG is integrating sustainable youth empowerment and engagement approaches in this project, embedding created positive practices within its programming and utilizing the lessons learned and successes for its future planning in Jordan and beyond.

Components of USAID Youth Power:

  1. Substitutability
  2. Capacity building
  3. Internship program