Partners For Good

Partners for Good (PfG) is a Jordanian non-profit organization seeking a viable way to implement the learning and methodologies that have been cumulated through successful programs over the past 20 years in child protection, youth empowerment, good governance and workforce development.

7th Circle, Al-Hashim Complex, 3rd floor,
Masoud Bin Nasser St.,
P.O. Box: 850080, Postal Code: 11185,
Amman, Jordan.

T: +962 6 5824641
F: +962 6 5824651


Partners for Good is implementing a carefully designed and evolving process that strengthens the capacity of local communities towards a community-based development process. The process was called PACE (Participatory Action for Community Enhancement), was designed in the 1990s and amended with time promote participation, accountability, transparency, ownership, and empowerment of citizen groups. PfG is updating its roster of experts on PACE and community engagement. Profile and previous of candidate must demonstrate the following essential requirement:

  • Proven working experience in implementing Community engagement methodology, and PACE in specific
  • Previous working experience in training of community engagement communities or equivalent
  • Demonstrated experience in supporting local communities in building consensus and prioritization of needs
  • Preferable: Proven working experience in conflict of post conflict areas and communities

Ability to develop reports in Arabic and English is a must

Interested applicants should send an Expression of Interest by Tuesday, January 28th.2020 to including a cover letter, a resume, and list of areas/ locations of work. Sample work and references will be requested after the shortlisting phase.

Partners for Good is looking for an expert with demonstrated experience in designing interventions aimed at sustainable agricultural practices. Profile and previous experience of candidate must demonstrate the following essential requirement:

  • Extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector in Jordan: key players, demographics, challenges and development needs
  • Previous work with: agricultural technical institutions, vocational, higher and secondary education in Jordan
  • Demonstrated experience in designing theory of change within the framework of sustainable development interventions and interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Demonstrated understanding of technical challenges, skills gaps and market challenges faced by farmers in Jordan
  • Preferable: Proven previous knowledge and experience in water management issues, food security, labor realities, educational challenges and up-to-date techniques and technologies in the agricultural sector in Jordan
  • Experience in writing proposals and assisting in budgets is a must

Interested applicants should send an Expression of Interest by Monday, January, 20th, 2020 to including: a cover letter, a resume and references. Samples of previous work, would be requested from shortlisted candidates at a later stage.

Volunteering & Internships

To apply please fill the Application Form and make sure that it will be sent to: